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Why Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems in the world today

After years of development, the open source Drupal 8 content management system finally cleared the finish line. The platform is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, used by many high-profile companies. Acquia is a leading commercial sponsor behind the platform and announced that it will provide commercial support for version 8.

Drupal 8 breaks the mold for old content management models and liberates content from a page for a post-browser era. It now could deliver the right content, the right audience at the right device and time. With digital experience becoming more and more reliant on mobile, apps and IoTs, the need to provide relevant, consistent and personalized experience is vital.

With the Drupal platform, building an impressive and dynamic website from scratch is simple and straight-forward. It requires less programming in comparison to other content management systems. In addition, it is easier to add new features and reshape the websites as well from a simple presentation into a web application.

Drupal version 8 serves up to 200 breakthrough new capabilities. It provides a re-imagined authoring experience. It is designed to help authors quickly and easily create content. Moreover, the platform provides an API approach to delivering content, allowing content to be available anywhere. This includes websites, mobile devices, native applications, digital screens and the internet of things.

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Drupal 8 would download translation in more than 100 languages automatically. Moreover, it provides an enhanced support for managing websites anywhere in the world. It also has simplified deployment and incorporates a lot of the most widely deployed modules from older versions to the core. It speeds up time for website developers and builders.

Moreover, it believes that with the cloud platform and d8 expertise, it could remove the normal risk of betas. Currently, the project has an active page wherein it tracks how close a project is to being ready for GA. At present, fourteen critical bugs still have to be resolved. Drupal 8 provides a marked enhancement over Drupal 7, in terms of features perspective, with more than 200 new features added to the open source data management system. Among the new features are performance enhancements for dynamic content and focus on responsive layouts that put emphasis on mobile delivery.

Drupal version 8 serves up to two-hundred breakthrough new capabilities, such as the following:

  1. Re-imagined authoring experience: It provides a new content authoring experience. It is designed to help authors easily and quickly build content.
  2. Content as a service: The platform offers an API approach to delivery of content, enabling content to be available everywhere. This includes mobile devices, websites, native apps, digital screens and the Internet of things.
  3. Mobile-first: The whole version 8 user interface has been more responsive. It enables content authors to publish information on just about any device.
  4. Multilingual support: Drupal 8 will automatically download language translations in over 100 languages. Furthermore, it offers enhanced support to manage sites all over the world.
  5. Simplified deployment: It integrates a lot of the most widely deployed modules from older versions into its core. It speeds time to web for website builders and developers.
  6. Improved performance: The latest version includes caching enhancements which speed up the delivery of dynamic, personalized data.
  7. Developer productivity: The version 8 provides extensive improvements for developers and programmers. These could include object-oriented development, RESTful APIs, enhanced unit support testing, simplified configuration management and a whole lot more.

With Drupal, creating an impressive website from scratch is straight-forward and simple. It needs less programming compared to other CMS’s. Additionally, it is easier to add new features as well as reshape the site from a simple presentation to a web application.

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