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Acquia Lightning speeds up Drupal 8 Development

Acquia is the Drupal platform, used by many global organizations to meet the ever-changing needs of the digital world. This company recently launched Drupal 8 starter kit, lightning which will accelerate the speed of the Drupal website development. Acquia Lightning is the free and open source distribution of Drupal that would make the Drupal 8 development much easy. This feature, in Drupal 8 development is much beneficial to the non-technical people for having the great user experiences.

Karl Kedrovsky, solutions architect for marketing agency reported that Acquia Lightning feature for Drupal 8 has got success in establishing the industry standard and was also able to solve many challenges and the tough task at the early phases of Drupal 8 development projects. Using this feature, lets the user focus on work which would at the end drive the value for the client.

Acquia Lightning Drupal 8 Development

It has solved out many issues, which would seriously slow down the process of development. By this, a developer would put the core focus on client’s need rather than technology hurdles, and would make Drupal development much faster and easier.

Being 20% faster, it would bring out the digital enterprise-scale delivery of digital experiences. With this feature, it helps the companies to customize the 4 key components which are mandatory for the great digital experience.

  • Drag and Drop layout

This is the much-needed component for the novice developer to create flexible and responsive layouts. This is helpful because every user can take the advantage of Drupal without the guidance of the developers

  • Media Management

Media Management refers to graphical assets, where one can create, upload manage social media for a digital experience.

  • Content workflow

It helps in streamlining review of the content workflow and ensuring the editorial quality, add governance and control for publishing.

  • Experience Preview

With these, you can take a quick review of the content you are going to publish. Additionally, it also helps in previewing of the campaigns and cross channels.

According to the, Lightning in Drupal 8 is the most installed distribution. There are many other modules of Drupal’s core functionality and were built by the Acquia’s Module Acceleration Program. The free open source is available on Acquia Cloud Free


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