Is Drupal Content Management System right for your Business?

Drupal is an open source content management system that enables the entrepreneurs to organize, manage and publish content with various options for customization and also out of box web content development. Drupal 8 is the latest iteration of the software. In Drupal, Software is licensed for fee to universal access as it is open source community. If the user is looking for the custom software add-ons and choose to make their software enhancements available to others, they must freely share it with open source community.

The open source community is integrated with hundreds of thousands of software developers who actively collaborate with one another—but this open collaboration and communication is on a high technical level. It does not necessarily translate into end-user support for the web content development. For this latter purpose, it may be necessary for the users to procure the service of a 3rd party consultant.

Drupal Content Management System

The system enables the users to create content in an editor in a single place. Users can browse to a web page, select their content and edit it directly. With Drupal, one can track all changes with a history who performed what action and when. This is especially useful for the organizations that have multiple editors as well as those who need to maintain a detailed history of the content improvising.

The Drupal content management system also helps the user to create the workflow for all their content processes. Users can also manage roles and actions as well as establish user permissions. When the users creates content, Drupal organizes it by defining the content elements and by tagging content based on its attributes. The Drupal 8 CMS supports responsive design best practices and ensures that the users get the seamless digital experience regardless of the device they’re using. It also integrates easily with a wide ecosystem of a digital marketing technology and other business applications. Drupal can also connect content to other websites and applications.

Adopters of Drupal often use the system in marketing applications for the website developing, creating multichannel digital experiences, e-commerce and shopping, and the ability to integrate web content with a variety of 3rd party digital marketing tools and technologies. Its strength is in its open interfaces, which can link into broad ecosystem of software systems and application.

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Reasons why Drupal should be used instead of PHP

Drupal is important and there is no doubt about it. The United States government has adopted Drupal to the highest level. Obviously moving to the other functionalities, the new language would be a herculean task; but what if the new language is the version of the old language. What if Drupal dumped PHP and began working on its own version?

Here are some of the reasons to use Drupal instead of PHP

Improved development process: Core Drupal developers do understand the large-scale high distributed software development. With some research, it was found that the new methodologies laid out for the Drupal 8 in the same way PHP is developed.

PHP’s methodology is the choice made by the core developers. It is generally boon for them and results are amazing. Many individuals are quite used to with this process over the years as it gives kind of stability. In the IRC discussion, it was revealed that in the keynote Dries announced that the process that the stability of PHP is now broken and proposed a new system that will keep the pace of development and also ensured that they are moving in the right direction.

Drupal Development

Tailor-made language

Many PHP developers do not compile PHP manually. On Linux, however, it is not that much difficult. You can easily make some instance of PHP that is customized for your server while poking around. You can make the use of modules. As soon as the modules are moved into the core, it is harder to remove them just in case if you do not need. If Drupal forked PHP, you can remove everything you don’t need. This would result into smaller binary as there are fewer features in it and fewer ways to compromise.

Tighter integration between language and application

After removing all the modules for PHP Drupal modules are added. These modules would take the selected pieces of Drupal core and move them to language itself. As of such, it would not benefit with the speed but the parts that are processor intensive would benefit from the speed of C. Very selective integration of Drupal language into the base language would provide speed improvements not available in any other way.


Nobody has suggested that Drupal community should fork PHP. The loss to Drupal and a Drupal community would far overweigh the loss to the PHP community. However, this article may pause you with the hope to think for a minute regarding Drupal. Given that Drupal developers don’t consider themselves PHP developers, the only problem would be migrating hosts to the new version of the language. That is not so much a problem as it is a business opportunity.

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3 Prime reasons to opt for the Drupal Development

Are you in the dilemma regarding, which is the best technology for the website development? Are you wondering whether Drupal would be the best CMS for the development of your project? Let the technology speak for you.

Check out the 3 mentioned reasons for the web development.

Advantages offered by an Open Source CMS

Many people believe that a free content management system is only the attraction that open source CMS offers, but Drupal is always different. In today’s era, many leading enterprises around the globe are going downside and business are constantly changing, just to streamline the liquidity and flow of the income, a free content management system is quite handy. Drupal is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) which is used to develop the high-end result and the competitive results to the developed application.

There are several other open source content management systems available, but Drupal CMS development is one of the amazing and outshines amongst all with its superlative functionalities. Any highly experienced developer expert would surely recommend as a Drupal to be the best CMS for managing the websites in much more advanced and competitive way as compared to others including WordPress and Joomla.

Drupal Development

Inexplicable scalability via Modules and APIS

The primary focus of the content management system is seen in its ability with the really out of box features and to predict in advance and deliver a host of solutions quite in advance. It has an extensive handful of the resources, modules and them which can be downloaded and integrated into the backend of the application. Thousands of Drupal modules are integrated with Drupal Modules which can be used for multi-disciplinary tasks like SEO, e-commerce, shopping cart, backup and a lot more.

And when it comes to modules, of course, its rich API support is integrated with it. Application Programming Interfaces are basically applications which work with the sole goal to make the website application and web components a highly scalable allowing the programs to interact with each other. One can have the access of API for a host if services. Some of the application programming interfaces are Drupal API’s for twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Ubercart, Salesforce and a lot more.

High Profile and the world renowned users

There are many high profile leaders in the industry who recommends Drupal as the most leading CMS for developing the website. Some of the leading governmental and nongovernmental organizations have taken the benefits of this platform in order to power the backend of their websites which includes the white house, Wake Forest University and more.

Drupal is taking proud in announcing that the most powerful and world renowned organizations have some connections with Drupal to put their trust, instead of any other powerful open source solution to power the websites.

Now, if you too wish to develop the similar high-end competitive websites, one can take help by hiring professional Drupal Developers to make the best of their skills in augmenting the amazing websites.

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Drupal, an open source content management framework operates on any platform that supports PHP

Drupal is a framework that is an open source content management system and could be downloaded over the web. It is PHP written and could operate on any platform that supports it. Based on statistics, nearly 2.1 percent of websites use it as a back end system. In developing Drupal, the development is done through components and modules and the solutions developed are flexible.

It provides users a huge degree of flexibility in modifying, sharing, and distributing content. Still, it is more than a CMS; it is a SaaS or Software-as-a-Service solution that’s perfect for small business and scalable for any big organization. It lets a business enterprise stay ahead of the game and enables millions of contributors to constantly update it. It is interesting to note that somewhere in the world; it is being updated each second. It is driven by people who care about functionalities and operates, instead of how it is marketed. It is the biggest open secret in developing a website.

A lot of proprietary content management systems charge considerable fees on a monthly or yearly basis as part of the licensing agreement to use the software. For a lot of small firms’ web design requirements, the prices are prohibitive and at times not completely disclosed during the sale. Additionally, the costs of subscription could range from a couple hundred dollars per year and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per month for a huge implementation. On the other hand, Drupal is entirely free and without hidden fees. The benefits are staggering in terms of the life cycle of a typical site which could be three to six years.

Drupal Development

Unlike most web CMS that provide narrow frameworks as well as custom coding, the platform comes out of the box ready to show the brand or label in a highly usable and interactive environment. One could design a site that will match the business requirements without a lot of restrictions of the previous CMS tools. It has high profile clients, including The White House, FedEx, Wake Forest University and more.

When choosing a Content Management System, it is paramount to know the type of out-of-box support that is available from third party apps for that certain tool. Savvy businesses these days run their companies with the help of API’s that enable two programs talk to each other. Moreover, the framework has an extensive API. There are numerous service providers who are adept at developing solutions. Most importantly, they could understand the client requirements and once these are clear, they could execute the architecture as per the plan. The customization process is another of its key strengths of vendors, providing outstanding quality services that are affordable.

There are many developers who have a proven track record of creating valuable items. When the project is assigned, the professional analyses the numerous nitty-gritty’s and thus begins the development module wise that guarantees satisfaction of the clientele. The distinctive features of the platform enable incubating vibrant, flexible, dynamic and scalable solutions as per clients’ requirements. Some of the available services include app development, CMS, creating a website, customization, maintenance, integrating and developing a module and maintenance services.

The framework is SEO-friendly, fast and extensively scalable and flexible. It is available in more than 91 languages and automatically informs on the new updates. It is easy to access even by disabled persons.

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Acquia Lightning speeds up Drupal 8 Development

Acquia is the Drupal platform, used by many global organizations to meet the ever-changing needs of the digital world. This company recently launched Drupal 8 starter kit, lightning which will accelerate the speed of the Drupal website development. Acquia Lightning is the free and open source distribution of Drupal that would make the Drupal 8 development much easy. This feature, in Drupal 8 development is much beneficial to the non-technical people for having the great user experiences.

Karl Kedrovsky, solutions architect for marketing agency reported that Acquia Lightning feature for Drupal 8 has got success in establishing the industry standard and was also able to solve many challenges and the tough task at the early phases of Drupal 8 development projects. Using this feature, lets the user focus on work which would at the end drive the value for the client.

Acquia Lightning Drupal 8 Development

It has solved out many issues, which would seriously slow down the process of development. By this, a developer would put the core focus on client’s need rather than technology hurdles, and would make Drupal development much faster and easier.

Being 20% faster, it would bring out the digital enterprise-scale delivery of digital experiences. With this feature, it helps the companies to customize the 4 key components which are mandatory for the great digital experience.

  • Drag and Drop layout

This is the much-needed component for the novice developer to create flexible and responsive layouts. This is helpful because every user can take the advantage of Drupal without the guidance of the developers

  • Media Management

Media Management refers to graphical assets, where one can create, upload manage social media for a digital experience.

  • Content workflow

It helps in streamlining review of the content workflow and ensuring the editorial quality, add governance and control for publishing.

  • Experience Preview

With these, you can take a quick review of the content you are going to publish. Additionally, it also helps in previewing of the campaigns and cross channels.

According to the, Lightning in Drupal 8 is the most installed distribution. There are many other modules of Drupal’s core functionality and were built by the Acquia’s Module Acceleration Program. The free open source is available on Acquia Cloud Free


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Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8 for the next web

Drupal is the open source content management system and is used in developing the websites and application. Drupal is developed with the amazing features such as, excellent security, easy content management, reliable performance and more. Drupal’s flexibility is one of the core principal that makes Drupal very much unique. Its versatile tools helps to create user friendly content and SEO-friendly websites with the help of Drupal modules and plugins. Additionally it has got some outlandish themes which aids you in customizing the content presentation of your website for the dynamic web experience.

Currently, there are 2 versions in Drupal: Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. It is always good to use the upgraded versions, but Drupal 7 should also be considered for developing the website for your online business. Let’s have a look on some pros and cons of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Drupal Development

Drupal 7: Drupal 7 was born in 2009 and today, it is supporting 1 million+ websites. When Drupal 6 was upgraded with Drupal 7, it gave the new way of thinking with the good arena of an enterprise development framework. Platform of Drupal 7 is highly durable for the powerful web development solution. Drupal 7, being very much stable for developing the websites, it also have a highly documented frameworks with the sets of modules. Drupal 7, generally, stores configuration in the database, together with content. Only a little subset of configuration is read from PHP files.

Hence, if you are looking for the stable, flexible and reliable websites, than you should consider using Drupal 7 platform.

Drupal 8: With the release of Drupal 8 in 2015, it gave the significant evolution in the platform comparing to the other versions. What makes the Drupal 8 unique is that, it is also object oriented programming with several Symfony2 components. Developers can curve the good knowledge with the development of Drupal 8. However, in Drupal 8 set of modules may not be available atleast the needs for your website. Projects that depend on the modules and plugins of Drupal 7 needs to think twice for using Drupal 8. On other side of the coin, Drupal 8 has inbuilt some exciting features that makes your website look attractive as well as SEO-friendly. Some core inbuilt modules of Drupal are native mobile, multi lingual support and other similar modulus.

There are many noticeable upgrades in Drupal administrative workflow. Major improvements are found in management interface design which is boon for the content managers. For best results, one should consult professional Drupal Development Company, having substantial experience in development and project management.

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Why Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems in the world today

After years of development, the open source Drupal 8 content management system finally cleared the finish line. The platform is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, used by many high-profile companies. Acquia is a leading commercial sponsor behind the platform and announced that it will provide commercial support for version 8.

Drupal 8 breaks the mold for old content management models and liberates content from a page for a post-browser era. It now could deliver the right content, the right audience at the right device and time. With digital experience becoming more and more reliant on mobile, apps and IoTs, the need to provide relevant, consistent and personalized experience is vital.

With the Drupal platform, building an impressive and dynamic website from scratch is simple and straight-forward. It requires less programming in comparison to other content management systems. In addition, it is easier to add new features and reshape the websites as well from a simple presentation into a web application.

Drupal version 8 serves up to 200 breakthrough new capabilities. It provides a re-imagined authoring experience. It is designed to help authors quickly and easily create content. Moreover, the platform provides an API approach to delivering content, allowing content to be available anywhere. This includes websites, mobile devices, native applications, digital screens and the internet of things.

Drupal cms

Drupal 8 would download translation in more than 100 languages automatically. Moreover, it provides an enhanced support for managing websites anywhere in the world. It also has simplified deployment and incorporates a lot of the most widely deployed modules from older versions to the core. It speeds up time for website developers and builders.

Moreover, it believes that with the cloud platform and d8 expertise, it could remove the normal risk of betas. Currently, the project has an active page wherein it tracks how close a project is to being ready for GA. At present, fourteen critical bugs still have to be resolved. Drupal 8 provides a marked enhancement over Drupal 7, in terms of features perspective, with more than 200 new features added to the open source data management system. Among the new features are performance enhancements for dynamic content and focus on responsive layouts that put emphasis on mobile delivery.

Drupal version 8 serves up to two-hundred breakthrough new capabilities, such as the following:

  1. Re-imagined authoring experience: It provides a new content authoring experience. It is designed to help authors easily and quickly build content.
  2. Content as a service: The platform offers an API approach to delivery of content, enabling content to be available everywhere. This includes mobile devices, websites, native apps, digital screens and the Internet of things.
  3. Mobile-first: The whole version 8 user interface has been more responsive. It enables content authors to publish information on just about any device.
  4. Multilingual support: Drupal 8 will automatically download language translations in over 100 languages. Furthermore, it offers enhanced support to manage sites all over the world.
  5. Simplified deployment: It integrates a lot of the most widely deployed modules from older versions into its core. It speeds time to web for website builders and developers.
  6. Improved performance: The latest version includes caching enhancements which speed up the delivery of dynamic, personalized data.
  7. Developer productivity: The version 8 provides extensive improvements for developers and programmers. These could include object-oriented development, RESTful APIs, enhanced unit support testing, simplified configuration management and a whole lot more.

With Drupal, creating an impressive website from scratch is straight-forward and simple. It needs less programming compared to other CMS’s. Additionally, it is easier to add new features as well as reshape the site from a simple presentation to a web application.

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